Superior light therapy at home

Engineered to be THE BEST red light therapy mask available. Includes a brand new and custom LED chip developed only for Mypurskin:

  • Unmatched clinically optimal irradiance of 53 mW/cm2, the highest available power density in a red light mask.
  • 264 red light LEDs, the most in any home mask.
  • Four proven red wavelengths with every treatment, each with its own skin rejuvenating properties: 590, 633, 660, and 830 nm.
  • Clinic-level light dose (fluence) of 7.2-14.4 J/cm2, the highest available in a mask.
  • Face-shaping to maximize light transmission.

All of that light power in every single treatment - so that your skin can be healthier and more beautiful, sooner!